Teamwork is important to us, as one of our guiding principles. It keeps the quality of our work for each client and each house consistently high, and makes the work we do as efficient as possible, all working together like a well-oiled machine.

At ERCO Homes, we have a solid team that has been building houses together for generations. We use the same team members in their specialized sub-trades for all of our projects. In an industry that often uses a variety of contractors, our team is as foundationally solid as the concrete we start your home with!

Read more about some of our key team members in and out of the office…

Cathy and Elmo
In 1993 Elmo Russell (B.Comm) and Cathy O’Keefe (B.Comm, MBA) used the initials of their names, their business education and motivation to start ERCO Homes Inc. Starting with a subdivision in Mount Pearl they began their homebuilding business, which later expanded to many areas of the greater St. John’s area with over 1200 homes completed to date. The success of the business comes from many long held relationships with employees, sub-trades and suppliers, resulting in a team of people dedicated to building a quality product.
Sheldon Colbourne
General Manager
Sheldon (C.Tech) is our problem solver. Certified as an Engineering Technician, he has applied his knowledge in construction and related fields for over 20 years. Sheldon meets with every client to discuss all the details of building their new home. He coordinates employees, sub-trades and suppliers ensuring all teams work together to create unique homes. Sheldon maintains an open door policy, meaning no issue or question is too big or too small and he’ll solve it anytime.
Brian Saunders
Site Supervisor
Brian has been managing the ERCO site team for almost 20 years. He is a master carpenter who sets high standards for building and ensures everyone involved meets those standards of excellence. He understands the National Building Code like it is second nature and works to exceed those requirements on a daily basis. During the building process all clients have the pleasure of meeting with Brian, which always instils confidence as they experience first hand, his extensive knowledge and abilities in homebuilding.
Johnny Butler
Project Foreman
The ERCO team has been relying on Johnny’s expertise for many years. He has years of experience working as lead carpenter and has extensive knowledge of the construction industry. As a foreman he has a keen understanding of what it takes to build a superior house especially when working with detailed customer requests. He appreciates the coordination required in homebuilding and works hard managing sub-trades and suppliers to ensure all work meets ERCO standards of excellence.
Denise Payne
Office Manager
Denise keeps the office running smoothly and is the star point of contact between all our site activities. She is our ultimate coordinator, always keeping everyone involved in the building process on track. Upon completion of any home Denise remains in contact with our clients to ensure they have a smooth transition into their new home. With Denise at the helm we feel comfortable that you’ll have the best home building experience possible.
Sandy Bennett
Sandy Bennett is a part of our head office team, and as our accountant she works diligently handling all our accounting needs both for the organization and on individual home builds. She has years of experience working with many levels of finance and accounting and she brings this knowledge to the ERCO organization. Her attention to detail combined with her expertise in the field is a great asset to the ERCO team and for our client. Sandy is a great asset liaising with our whole team on budgets, financing and process.
The Crew
Clarence Hickey, Emmanuel Warren, Bernie Reid, Kris Maidment, John Butler, Peter Noseworthy, Bob Bickford, Brian Saunders, Jonathan Ivany
Here is our team of on-site employees. They are dedicated site craftsmen who together compose a wide variety of skill sets that are capable of handling any task that comes their way. The men on our crew work together diligently to ensure our high home building standards are met. They are also glad to answer any questions our clients may have about their new homes. Drop by any site and they’ll be in their ERCO T-shirts working with great proficiency and commitment as each of their unique talents come together to build superior homes.